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F1: Hamilton very blasé during Japanese press conference

  • F1: Hamilton very blasé during Japanese press conference

    Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain (C, front) records video footage using his smartphone during a joint press conference with (from L-R) Scuderia Ferrari's Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen, Manor's Racing's German driver Pascal Wehrlein, Renault Sport F1 Team's British driver Jolyon Palmer, and McLaren Honda's Spanish driver Fernando Alonso ahead of the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka on October 6, 2016. / AFP / BEHROUZ MEHRI (Photo credit should read BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images)

A very distracted Lewis Hamilton spent most of his time on Snapchat during this afternoon’s official press conference ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix, the three time world champion complaining how bored he was as journalists asked him questions regarding last week’s engine failure in Malaysia and why he felt the need to post long in depth comments about his team members on Facebook….

Thank you. Lewis, coming to you: this has been a happy hunting ground for you recently, with victories in the last couple of years as you moved towards those two world titles. How do you feel going into Suzuka this year?
I feel same as probably last year. I feel good. Excited to get on track, the weather’s great today, I love being here, so ready to get going.

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What did you do then in the three days since Malaysia and what conclusions did you come to when you were thinking about the race: were you concerned about the championship position or were you satisfied about the way you drove, that you did everything right?
I haven’t been thinking about the last race. Usually when I leave the racetrack I think about a lot of other thing. I have a lot of other stuff going on. I was in Tokyo, enjoying my time. I love being in Tokyo. One of my favourite cities, it’s in my top three favourite cities in the world. That’s about it.

Any thoughts on the way you performed in Malaysia?
Yeah, it was good, happy with it. I hope that I can continue performing like that.

Lewis, in Sepang you said after the race that possibly ‘the high power’, using your words, would prevent you from winning the championship, so at this stage of your life, how important is religion for you in your culture, in your day-to-day life?
It doesn’t change, nothing’s changed. I just said it appears that currently the guy above doesn’t really want me to... perhaps doesn’t want me to win right now. But I’ve made a point on my Instagram so I don’t really have much more to say about it.

Is there anything you can share with us what you’re looking at? (On snapchat)
Hunh? Yeah, no, just... it’s quite funny, just some snaps of us drivers, it’s quite funny. That’s about it. Hey man, we’ve been doing this a long long time and it’s the same each time so got to keep adding new things to it.

I’ve noticed you’ve posted a series of messages on Facebook about your team last night. I was just wondering why you decided to do that?
Been planning to do it for a while. We’ve been building that up for a couple of weeks already, so it just turned out to be the appropriate time to do it.

Lewis, a lot of your fans, after the race on Sunday, they kind of felt the sense of injustice about your engine blowing up and some of them saying that they think Mercedes are favouring Nico, as they’ve said at different points in the year. I just wonder what your message to them is?
Well, they just go on my Instagram. I’ve put all my feelings on there so... They have the right to their own opinion but as you see from my posts, you see how passionate I am about this team and about my guys so...

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